“Replace control by consciousness. Without being aware of what needs to be done in a new way – every day, without being able to elicit fresh solutions, it is hard to develop technically.”
Xvi Gotheiner

I like this quite very much because of how it resonates on so many levels. Although Mr. Gotheiner is a choreographer and was talking about dancers this comment makes sense in a variety of situations. Being fully present every moment brings a level of concentration and awareness to not only your physical actions but your mental game as well. It also keeps you safe.

This awareness allows you to know what your intentions are and approach them in a relaxed way. By eliminating stress in body and mind you set yourself up for successful results. Although most things are really beyond our control, consciousness brings methodology and confidence.

Truly every moment is an opportunity for creating presence in your life. Some activities may seem mundane or less important than others however if you can embrace the sense of newness in the ordinary you may find yourself inspired to do great things along the way.

Life is short and as we age it seems to speed by faster and faster. Don’t try to control the moments. Embrace the momentum by diving in and living each moment!
Love, PS