Internal Alignment Awareness (IAA) is the solution to your posture issues.

The Internal Alignment Awareness training program will give you the foundational and functional tools necessary to organize & integrate healing movement into the lives of your patients and clients. This is a simple to learn choreographed method that is both safe and fun! Training programs are on selected weekends in the Albany, NY location or you can schedule an in house workshop with a minimum of 5 participants but no more than 10.

The simple series of gentle exercises gives you the somatic understanding to move safely, creates new neural pathways and instills confidence in body placement, balance and personal strength.

Just as you don't learn math without first learning numbers or how to read before learning the alphabet, IAA takes you to the basics of movement and gives you the "internal alignment awareness" necessary to stand, sit, walk, run, dance, play, make love, and accomplish your activities of daily living with confidence, security and pain free.

It is safe and the emphasis is on fracture prevention and skeletal alignment due to the number of people (half of women over 50 and 25% of men in that age group) who have low bone density according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, many of whom are unaware of it until sustaining a first fracture!

Make IAA the foundation of your movement and how you use your body & create a pathway to excellence. It gives you the inner space you need for freedom of breath & life, allows your internal organs to have the space they need and gives you the SOLUTIONS you've been looking for to live a pain free life and just have fun!

Whether you are interested in a personal program for home practice or becoming a licensed practitioner and sharing this with your patients and clients, I promise you will be happy with the results and the improvements you experience. Check out the results from one session with a client - these kind of results are typical!

Read what medical & fitness professionals are saying about Penny Shure and IAA on the testimonials page above!