I absolutely loved learning Penny's Internal Alignment Awareness program. Penny is an outstanding teacher. She combines her training in Pilates and dance with her extensive knowledge and experience in working with clients with osteoporosis. Penny's program provides you with tools to improve your posture and have more ease of movement. I personally left the training with more mobility and function in both my feet.. Penny believes that everyone's mind and spirit play an integral role in their well-being. She incorporates mind-body practices into the training that are truly transformative. I highly recommend IAA.  As a physical therapist I learned new movements that I have been using with great results with my patients. Penny's positive energy and love of her work make her such a special person to learn from!

Margie Bissinger, MS, PT, CHC  Healthfit Consultants

"Since I attended the IAA workshop last Spring, it has completely changed how I manage my patients in my chiropractic practice. I have always done core strength exercises with my patients but now the first exercises I teach patients are the foundational movements of IAA. It is simple to integrate and patients improve faster. This is a perfect transition to a guided IAA class. I highly recommend this program to anyone but especially healthcare professionals."

Dr. Kim Leis-Keeling, Owner, Spinal Wellness Center, Guilderland, New York

"I have been using IAA in my chiropractic practice with most of my patients. I think it is really important to have neutral alignment and to activate the core, so I've taught everyone including those who are athletic. We have to peel back and make sure that they are doing things correctly before they do more challenging exercises. And of course we are using it on many of our female patients who have low bone density and they all absolutely love it and they tell us that they are feeling better especially when they are doing these exercises at home."

Dr. Amanda Boccio, Spinal Wellness Center, Guilderland, New York

"Since I have been instructing IAA classes, my clients with chronic pain walk away from class feeling much better. They tell me they have less discomfort and their spirits are lifted. Generally, clients who are in pain as they work out become frustrated and depressed. My goal is to have my clients feel empowered after exercise class so they can continue to strengthen their core muscles. IAA, is the foundation of core awareness, which is overlooked in most exercise classes."

Sharon O'Meara, Pilates Instructor & Licensed Massage Therapist

A very lucky day for me when I found Penny Shure! Last year during my annual physical, my doctor said I had run my course on the wonder drugs for bones and there was nothing more I could do for osteoporosis beyond my exercise and diet. Then I heard Penny on Bonita Zahn’s Health Link program, and 4 days later she began working with me to improve alignment, prevent further bone loss, and strengthen muscles, and "ZIP MY CORE." For 15 years I have been going to various physical therapists to alleviate pain in my left shoulder; all of them treated just “the shoulder.” Penny has treated the whole body, and the shoulder issue, after just TWO of her private sessions, was markedly improved, and remains so. The stretches and strengthening she has taught me are incredibly helpful in resolving issues that are the result of childhood polio paralysis and corrective surgeries.

Penny has vast knowledge of the physiology and mechanics of the human body; is constantly curious and learning new stretches, routines and exercises; stays attuned to my individual needs; and relentlessly thinks out of the box. When I’m in one of her classes, not private sessions, Penny leads the class with Boundless Positive Energy.

-Lois B.

My Pilates instruction began in October of 2014. After a left total knee replacement in November 2012, I had to have it done over in April 2013. Two total knee replacements in 5 months because the first one had " moved".

My recovery was partial and way too slow for me! I did the usual re-hab exercises, rode stationary bikes, walked, but seemed broken. As the right knee decided it was also getting worse, I was taking 9-12 Advils a day. Then I found Penny Shure.

Since beginning my classes there are things I have noticed:

  1. Pain though not gone is much less. I've gone from large amounts of drugs down to 2 every few days. (Huge for me)
  2. I can put in longer days at home because my stamina is better.
  3. I have been told by my family and friends that I am standing taller and no longer walking with a limp as before.
  4. I've learned how much the decompression exercises do for me physically & mentally. I am aware of my body & surroundings and much calmer because the pain is less than before.
  5. After cancer surgery and subsequent chemotherapy sessions back in 2007, I had bowel issues. Urgency was a definite problem. After finding my core & pelvic floor muscles (I didn't know I had them!) the situation is so much improved.
  6. Oh yes - the CORE! Engaging my core has allowed me to rise from the couch, living room chairs, as well as in and out of the car with more ease and freedom. I am also able to get onto the floor and back up again.
  7. When the pain in my legs does rear up, the leg lengthener exercises are my best friend!

- Donna O.



I was fortunate to begin working with Penny over 4 years ago. At the time, I was recovering from ankle surgery. While surgery "repaired" the ankle, the prolonged period off my feet followed by weeks of uneven walking in a boot had led to significant pain, muscle weakness and loss of balance.

Rehabilitation efforts that just focused on one portion of the body, e.g. PT for the ankle, only led to pain in others. Classes with another Pilates instructor who stressed curling the body into a C curve triggered months of further pain. By the time I found Penny, it was difficult to walk and even merely to rest on a mat.

Penny's holistic approach was critical to overcoming these roadblocks. For me, the IAA program stabilized my hips and then allowed me to find balance in my gait; by helping to correct and strengthen my posture, shoulder and neck issues improved. I progressed over the years to be able to walk freely and fully participate in class.

I continue to admire and benefit from Penny's teaching style. She uses her creativity to constantly incorporate new techniques in her work and approaches the body as a system. It is clear she loves to learn. When a student presents with a new issue, she'll seek out new resources to learn different approaches to help and incorporate those approaches in her work with everyone who might benefit.

Two years ago, I developed a stress fracture in one foot and then plantar fasciitis in both feet. To help me and others, Penny took a multi-day class with a nationally recognized movement expert. Using the exercises Penny learned, my foot strength and flexibility have improved. I have even "found" my pinkie toes (which had been hiding for years under my fourth toes) which has helped both my gait and my balance.

Deepest thanks to Penny for sharing her enthusiasm, knowledge and patience.

- Cindy S.